Export Initiative

Why should Manufacturers invest in exporting? According to the U.S. International Trade Commission, exporters enjoy higher valuations, higher productivity, faster growth and higher wages than their non-exporting peers.

As angel investors, we want our portfolio companies to grow significantly after we invest. One way we can help our portfolio companies grow is by introducing them to channel distribution partners who want to resell their goods.

As we help our own portfolio companies find export partners in South Korea, we help other U.S. companies find distribution partners as well.

Export Office

Silicon Pastures maintains an office in Seoul, South Korea for the coordination of business investment, business acceleration, and improved access to markets in Korea, China, and Japan for our portfolio companies.

If you are interested in increasing exports to Asia, there are a variety of ways we can help.


Teresa Esser
Managing Director
Silicon Pastures Angel Investment Network

Milwaukee, WI
Office / Cell Phone: 617-308-7672