Who we are

Silicon Pastures is a group of angel investors who meet monthly to assess business plan proposals and share due diligence on possible transactions.

The group prefers to invest in companies that use technology to solve problems. The group also favors companies that use technology to organize, optimize, and accelerate business processes.

Silicon Pastures hosts monthly investment presentations at upscale Milwaukee-area restaurants. Each presentation consists of one or more pre-screened investment opportunities. After the entrepreneurs have made their pitches members of Silicon Pastures meet privately to discuss the viability of the investment. Each member makes an individual decision whether or not to invest.

The Team

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we will consider investment opportunities located in the Midwest Great Lakes Region. It is easier for us to work closely with entrepreneurs who are located within a 2-3 hour drive of Milwaukee. We have been most successful when we have worked closely with entrepreneurs we have invested in.

We are big fans of these organizations:
Midwest Research University Network
Global Midwest Alliance
Mid-West Energy Research Consortium
The Cleantech Open
The Water Council
The Wisconsin Angel Network
Howard Hansen's ebook: Healing Leaders
Edwin H. Friedman's book: A Failure of Nerve
The Angel Capital Association
The Venture Cafe: physical location
and book


Teresa Esser
Managing Director
Silicon Pastures Angel Investment Network 
Milwaukee, WI 
Phone: 617-308-7672